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Dhoti, Mundu, and lungis all are men's outfits and are one of the most comfortable outfits ever created for men and also women (rarely worn by them). No, none of them is a skirt and nor does any of these clothes even fall into the category of skirts. And yes, all these clothing is mostly worn by men. Every person is well aware of the comfort level it provides and the material of these clothes are to die for in the blazing summer days.

What will a person prefer when it comes to the days when you can’t even think of going outside to get food or water, Dhoti, Mundu, and Lungis is the answer. When the sun is so high above and is blazing down upon with utmost cruelty and when a single leaf is not ready to move and the wind is nothing but a slap on the face. In days like these, cotton cloth to just tie around our waist is the best thing there is in the name of cloth. Cotton makes it easy for the coolness to squeeze in and make your body cool, it also helps in soaking the sweat easily and quickly making the heat feel a bit less than it truly is.

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Mundu is an outfit worn by many people in the regions of Kerala, Maldives, and Tulunada. It is one of those outfits which is tied on the waist and it flows till your feet hiding the legs and helping in escaping scorching breeze of heat in the summers.  

Mundu comes in a wide range of white shade and is woven in cotton material. The colour depends on the bleach the cloth is given. It can be worn in a single drape, or can also be doubled before draping around the waist. Mundu when comes in silk makes it quite an issue to be worn in summers but the silk Mundu is basically to be worn as attire in special events of occasions. It is also worn in weddings and religious endeavours. It comes in all range of colours and shades for you to choose from, shop online for the best quality Mundu you can get your hands on only at AweOffer.

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Lungis are more of a sarong kind of attire, worn by many in the regions where the humidity and heat are enough to say a loud and clear no to trousers and shorts. Lungis are more of a traditional garment worn in the counties such as India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand etc. Lungis are mostly known to be a garment for men and it is a total comfort provider in the areas where the tanning and hot winds just can’t give you one second of coolness.  

Lungis come majorly in the shades of white and blue. It is worn at home as casual wear or sleepwear and the most preferred pattern is the checkbox fashion. A checked lungi is the sign of a casual lungi and it is made of pure cotton or even synthetics similarly comforting.

These are long sheets shaped in a tubular form when worn and is tied as a wrap around skirt with two knots in the front. Get the excessive range at AweOffer, presenting you with different coloured and of great material lungis. Cotton, Synthetic, silk, Patterned, Plain, and checked, we have all to give you just in one place.

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Dhoti is a very common word for the cloth worn around the waist by men reaching the knee length. It is more of a religious garment. The cloth called dhoti is tied around the waist and then the left of the cloth is brought in front and tied in a knot in front of the waist. It came from the word Dhauta in Sanskrit and is an elongated sheet of pure with cloth (sometimes with coloured or golden borders). You can pair it up with a beautiful and contrasting coloured kurta and look as smart and trendy as possible. The ninety's style is back for girls, it’s time for the men and boys to bring it back. A white dhoti and a paired kurta of utmost elegance is a look very much holding and to try for. As for the comfort is related, it is as comfortable as not wearing too much and being in your skin, the most comfortable state.

Dhoti kurtas are popular among Indians, especially they are worn on religious occasions and weddings. The cream-coloured dhoti is a great alternative but if you are looking for something to go on a darker shade being nothing other than versatile, then maroon is the color for you to grab. Gold sequined dhotis are beautiful and are an amazing choice if you want something elegant, classy, and traditional.

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